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Summer 2020 - Lockdown Edition

This is the first release in a long time and contains many major feature improvements and additions.
We're happy to welcome Joe Security as a new sponsor for the urlscan.io community service!

Commercial Products

We have finalised our commercial Product lineup. If your organisation needs to perform a large number of API requests, such as API searches or scan submissions, you can subscribe to one of our API plans. There is a generous Free tier available. Check out our Products page and get in touch with our Sales team today!

API Documentation

We have overhauled our API documentation and made it more explicit in many areas. There is a comprehensive best-practices guide for working with our API which is especially important if you working on an automated integration with urlscan.io. The current APIv1 won't receive any major or breaking changes from now on, it will eventually be superseded by a more powerful APIv2.

API Quotas

API rate limits and quotas are accounted for for all API actions. The API documentation contains information how to work with the quotas. Users should use their API keys for all API actions so these can be accounted for properly. You can view your current quotas and how much you used on your user dashboard and on the Quotas page.

Unlisted Scans

This release also introduces the new Unlisted scan type. Make sure you understand the difference between Public, Unlisted and Private scans and when to use which one as outlined on our API documentation page.


Teams allow you to collaborate and share private and unlisted scans with team-members. Teams have their own quotas. For commercial users, you can set up a Team Subscription so all of your users benefit from the additional features of that subscription.

Small Features & Improvements

Logged-in users get access to a couple of new features:

  • Settings: Default scan visibility and visibility enforcement.
  • Quotas: Users can view their personal quotas from their dashboards.
  • Teams: Users can create teams and invite other urlscan.io users.
  • Disable API keys: You can disable API keys, e.g. if they were compromised.

These small improvements were made:

  • We try to detect scans containing PII and will automatically restrict visibility if we detect it.
  • The Live scans page has been improved to show more relevant scans.
  • You can search your own scans in the regular search UI / API via
  • The submit dialog remembers your last visibility.
  • The search UI remembers your last detail settings.

Breaking Changes

  • Scan API Public URL submissions which we believe contain PII (such as email addresses) will automatically be reclassified as Unlisted.
  • Scan API The
    option was deprecated in favor of the explicity
  • Search API The
    option was deprecated. If you need to iterate over older scans please use the