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Geo Poland (PL) —
Domain allianz.pl (The registered domain)
AS AS42118 - CUPL-AS, PL
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Registrar RIPENCC
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ras6.allianz.pl | 2023-05-08

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DNS recordsRetrieved via DNS ANY query

A (TTL: 360)

WHOIS for ras6.allianz.pl

DOMAIN NAME:           allianz.pl

registrant type:       organization

nameservers:           ns1.nazwa.pl. []

                       ns2.nazwa.pl. []

                       ns3.nazwa.pl. []

created:               1998.03.16 12:00:00

last modified:         2024.03.11 18:44:17

renewal date:          2025.03.15 13:00:00

no option

dnssec:                Signed

DS:                    49202 13 1 C422D267E6BBF409B95CD1D4DE53B8306AB20F88


nazwa.pl sp. z o.o.

ul. Pana Tadeusza 2

30-727 Kraków


+48.801 33 22 33

+48.22 454 48 10



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