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Domain routeco.at (The registered domain)
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IPv6 2606:4700::6812:8a9 2606:4700::6812:9a9

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sp.pre-prod.routeco.at | 2023-08-04

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DNS recordsRetrieved via DNS ANY query

CNAME webshop-frontend-preprod-aut-routeco.dev.spark.sonepar.com

WHOIS for sp.pre-prod.routeco.at

domain:         routeco.at
registrar:      Ascio Technologies Inc. ( https://nic.at/registrar/27 )
registrant:     RP8260795-NICAT
tech-c:         NL4147113-NICAT
nserver:        ns0.phase8.net
nserver:        ns1.phase8.net
nserver:        ns2.phase8.net
changed:        20111004 17:40:35
source:         AT-DOM

personname:     Michael McGuiness
organization:   Routeco Plc
street address: Davy Av
street address: Knowlhill
postal code:    MK8 8HJ
city:           Milton Keynes
country:        United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
phone:          +448453633630
fax-no:         +448453633631
e-mail:         mmg@routeco.co.uk
nic-hdl:        RP8260795-NICAT
changed:        20110929 11:49:25
source:         AT-DOM

personname:     Chirag Patel
organization:   Namesco Limited
street address: Acton House
street address: Perdiswell Park
postal code:    WR3 7GD
city:           Worcester
country:        United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
phone:          +448453633630
fax-no:         +448453633631
e-mail:         ascio@names.co.uk
nic-hdl:        NL4147113-NICAT
changed:        20160219 11:30:23
source:         AT-DOM