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ASNs AS15169 | 135x AS16509 | 135x AS32934 | 135x AS54113 | 135x AS44788 | 134x AS14618 | 130x AS29990 | 124x AS16625 | 118x AS20940 | 116x AS20446 | 105x

IPs | 2x 2600:9000:214f:b200:6:3cc0:840:93a1 | 2x 2600:9000:2190:8e00:6:3cc0:840:93a1 | 2x 2600:9000:2190:9c00:6:3cc0:840:93a1 | 2x 2600:9000:21f3:2c00:6:3cc0:840:93a1 | 2x 2600:9000:21f3:6800:6:3cc0:840:93a1 | 2x 2600:9000:21f3:ba00:6:3cc0:840:93a1 | 2x 2600:9000:21f3:de00:6:3cc0:840:93a1 | 2x | 1x | 1x

Domains www.20minutos.es | 135x

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CNAME di7juyclzlgyp.cloudfront.net

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