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Geo Ashburn, Virginia, United States (US) —
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Registrar ARIN
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PTR ec2-50-19-98-133.compute-1.amazonaws.com(PTR record of primary IP)

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answers.splunk.com/answers/149597/im-struggling-with-how-i-should-be-doing-in... 2 months ago
answers.splunk.com/answers/709649/problems-with-mimecast-ta-for-splunk.html 3 months ago
ec2-54-204-12-32.compute-1.amazonaws.com 3 months ago
answers.splunk.com/storage/temp/275585-adaptive-response-actions.png 4 months ago
answers.splunk.com/index.html 5 months ago

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Domains answers.splunk.com | 5x splunkbase.splunk.com | 1x

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t.co/cVQFUf9sVz 8 months ago
answers.splunk.com/app/questions/1928.html 10 months ago
answers.splunk.com a year ago
answers.splunk.com/users/540484/hredd.html a year ago
answers.splunk.com a year ago

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NetRange: -
NetName:        AMAZON-EC2-8
NetHandle:      NET-50-16-0-0-1
Parent:         NET50 (NET-50-0-0-0-0)
NetType:        Direct Allocation
OriginAS:       AS16509
Organization:   Amazon.com, Inc. (AMAZO-4)
RegDate:        2010-10-07
Updated:        2018-02-05
Comment:        The activity you have detected originates from a
Comment:        dynamic hosting environment.
Comment:        For fastest response, please submit abuse reports at
Comment:        http://aws-portal.amazon.com/gp/aws/html-forms-controller/contactus/AWSAbuse
Comment:        For more information regarding EC2 see:
Comment:        http://ec2.amazonaws.com/
Comment:        All reports MUST include:
Comment:        * src IP
Comment:        * dest IP (your IP)
Comment:        * dest port
Comment:        * Accurate date/timestamp and timezone of activity
Comment:        * Intensity/frequency (short log extracts)
Comment:        * Your contact details (phone and email)
Comment:        Without these we will be unable to identify
Comment:        the correct owner of the IP address at that
Comment:        point in time.
Ref:            https://rdap.arin.net/registry/ip/

OrgName:        Amazon.com, Inc.
OrgId:          AMAZO-4
Address:        Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Address:        P.O. Box 81226
City:           Seattle
StateProv:      WA
PostalCode:     98108-1226
Country:        US
RegDate:        2005-09-29
Updated:        2019-07-24
Comment:        For details of this service please see
Comment:        http://ec2.amazonaws.com
Ref:            https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/AMAZO-4

OrgNOCName:   Amazon AWS Network Operations
OrgNOCPhone:  +1-206-266-4064 
OrgNOCEmail:  amzn-noc-contact@amazon.com
OrgNOCRef:    https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/AANO1-ARIN

OrgTechHandle: ANO24-ARIN
OrgTechName:   Amazon EC2 Network Operations
OrgTechPhone:  +1-206-266-4064 
OrgTechEmail:  amzn-noc-contact@amazon.com
OrgTechRef:    https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/ANO24-ARIN

OrgRoutingHandle: IPROU3-ARIN
OrgRoutingName:   IP Routing
OrgRoutingPhone:  +1-206-266-4064 
OrgRoutingEmail:  aws-routing-poc@amazon.com
OrgRoutingRef:    https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/IPROU3-ARIN

OrgAbuseHandle: AEA8-ARIN
OrgAbuseName:   Amazon EC2 Abuse
OrgAbusePhone:  +1-206-266-4064 
OrgAbuseEmail:  abuse@amazonaws.com
OrgAbuseRef:    https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/AEA8-ARIN

RNOCName:   Amazon EC2 Network Operations
RNOCPhone:  +1-206-266-4064 
RNOCEmail:  amzn-noc-contact@amazon.com
RNOCRef:    https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/ANO24-ARIN

RTechHandle: ANO24-ARIN
RTechName:   Amazon EC2 Network Operations
RTechPhone:  +1-206-266-4064 
RTechEmail:  amzn-noc-contact@amazon.com
RTechRef:    https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/ANO24-ARIN

RAbuseHandle: AEA8-ARIN
RAbuseName:   Amazon EC2 Abuse
RAbusePhone:  +1-206-266-4064 
RAbuseEmail:  abuse@amazonaws.com
RAbuseRef:    https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/AEA8-ARIN

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