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urlscan.io Corporate Sponsorship

If you are passionate users of urlscan.io and would like to support the community service, consider becoming a sponsor! Sponsorship allows you to reach the roughly 40,000 daily unique users of the urlscan.io service. By showing your logo on urlscan.io, you are creating awareness and a positive image for your brand among the many information security professionals who use the service as part of their daily workflow.

  • Your logo on the front page of urlscan.io
  • Link from your logo and the "Sponsors" section to a website of your choosing, e.g. your product page or career site
  • Frequent mention of your brand on the @urlscanio Twitter feed
  • Joint marketing campaigns via Social Media

Historical URL Scan Archive

One-time access to the whole historical dataset of all URLs submitted to urlscan.io since late 2016. Includes all URLs as well as detected malicious URLs, as well as associated screenshots and DOM snapshots.

Perfect for improving your security product and for machine-learning applications.

URL Submission Feed - Firehose API

Get real-time access to every URL submitted to urlscan.io. This subscription includes a license to use the information from our URL feed for commercial purposes and the necessary API quotas to retrieve all URLs and associated metadata.

Enterprise Options

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urlscan.io Corporate Sponsorship
  • Support the community service
  • Make users aware of your brand
  • Advertise your product
  • Advertise open positions
Historical URL Scan Archive
  • > 35 million total scans
  • > 3 million phishing URL scans
  • Detected brand & industry vertical
  • Page Screenshot & DOM snapshot
  • API results
  • Suited for Machine-Learning
URL Submission Feed
  • Firehose of All Public & Unlisted urlscan scans
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