urlscan Pro Threat Hunting

Our urlscan Pro platform combines the best of our products and capabilities into one powerful bundle. urlscan Pro allows you to tap into all the URLs analysed through urlscan.io and the URLs detected by our phishing detection engine. It helps threat analysts by exposing more powerful query capabilities and pulling in more data to make sense of infrastructure and scanned websites. Users of urlscan Pro have access to the following list of tools and resources.

  • Includes the API Plan Professional with 20,000 private and 40,000 unlisted scans per day
  • Includes the Phishing URL Feed which tracks attacks phishing attacks against 420+ brands
  • The standard subscription includes 10 Seats so you can use urlscan Pro with your whole team
  • Use a powerful visual search interface to hunt for interesting websites
  • Allows searching across Public as well as Unlisted scans.
  • Look at the scans detected as phishing by our phishing detection engine
  • Perform live investigations of suspicious websites from different geographical locations
  • Get access to more searchable fields (Q4 2020)


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urlscan Pro - Threat Hunting

$999 / month

$9999 / year
(Save >15%)

Included Products
  • API Plan Professional
  • Phishing URL Feed
  • Unlimited search & results
  • 10 team seats included
  • Rich User Interface with visual search
  • Powerful pivoting abilities
  • Search Public and Unlisted scans
  • Search by brand name and industry vertical
Upcoming features
  • Search additional page attributes
  • Saved searches
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