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Demand Management - Mi9 Retail
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SOLUTIONSRetail AnalyticsMerchandise ManagementDemand ManagementMerchandise Financial PlanningAssortment PlanningClustering & ProfilingAllocationDemand ForecastingInventory PlanningOrder Planning & ReplenishmentPromotion ManagementPrice & Markdown PlanningOrder ManagementPoint of Salee-Commercee-Commerce D2Ce-Commerce B2BDigital Experience PlatformCustomer EngagementClientelingCRMDigital Media SolutionsVERTICALSApparelDepartment StoreHardlinesSpecialtyJewelry & LuxurySporting GoodsFootwearHealth and BeautyGrocery and CPGSERVICESThe Mi9 Retail CloudImplementation ServicesDevelopment ServicesSupport ServicesCUSTOMERSRESOURCESABOUT USBlogPress ReleasesEventsPartnersManagement TeamCareersContact UsENFR简体中文
Optimize Your Supply Chain with AI-Powered Demand Management Solutions.									
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Merchandise Financial Planning>>
Merchandise Financial Planning is a high-level approach to setting an organization’s sales, margin, and inventory targets, without getting caught up in the lower-level details of the product hierarchy. Users can plan multiple brands, channels, and currencies – all in one view.
An integral component of the Mi9 Retail suite of demand management software, this tool manages open-to-buy while offering the flexibility to choose your own planning calendar and manage strategic plan targets across any period within the time dimension. Users can make changes to merchandise financial plans at the highest and lowest levels within the defined product hierarchy.
Assortment Planning>>
Often times, assortment planning is a tug-of-war between art and science. There’s the art, knowing your customers and being able to create a display that demands attention, and the science, looking at the assortment as a mix of numbers, algorithms, and statistics that guide decisions. Automate the process with our Assortment Planning solution that combines art and science to give you the flexibility to get more in-depth assortments.
Clustering & Profiling>>
Continually introducing new items to market helps you keep up your competitive advantage. We make it easy to predict the future demand for new products by using demand profiles. You can create, manage, and evaluate demand profiles for historical products and then apply the profiles to new products to get an accurate picture of future demand.
Take all the guesswork out of allocating products to locations with our Allocation solution, a core component of the demand management suite. It uses allocation rules to model performance criteria to determine the best placement of stock. Taking current stock, inbound stock, and need into account, the solution quickly allocates inventory to locations to maximize selling potential.
Stock can be pre-allocated to increase warehouse efficiency by enabling the cross-dock of stock on arrival. Additionally, configurable allocation rules allow for managing different phases of the product lifecycle including new products, ongoing and pushing out stock for end-of-life products.
Demand Forecasting>>
Automate the production of your forecasts with our Demand Forecasting engine. With smarter forecasts that represent true demand, you’ll avoid poor forecasting outcomes like overstocks, product obsolescence and lost sales.
For the most effective demand forecasting, you need true demand history, not just sales history. We provide this critical piece by identifying periods of insufficient stock, which are then used to calculate lost sales. You’ll get the full picture of what sales might have been, had there been enough of the products in stock that your customers wanted.
Inventory Planning>>
Our Inventory Planning solution ensures your products are in the right place at the right time. Not only that, Inventory Planning makes it easy to identify the inventory you need to focus on for higher profit margins and lower inventory carrying costs.
Order Planning & Replenishment>>
Our demand-driven Order Planning and Replenishment solution produces a forward-looking, time-phased ordering plan that considers both the forecast of demand and the current inventory plan.
Whether sourcing externally from overseas vendors or dispersing inventory among branches, the solution then suggests the most cost-effective ordering pattern to achieve your targeted service levels.
Promotion Management>>
By managing all types of promotions across all channels in a centralized system, companies now have the capability to coordinate promotions across all departments that are involved in the process from merchandising to marketing and advertising.
We give you the power to easily and accurately plan successful future promotions, incorporate their impact into the overall retail planning process, and evaluate their effectiveness. The result is creative promotions that attract new and existing customers, increase revenues, and reduce inventory levels and marketing costs.
Price & Markdown Planning>>
Price and markdown planning are levers smart retailers use to drive store traffic, manage product lifecycles and maximize sales and margins. We provide intuitive, interactive views that planners can use to set multiple price and markdown structures with complete visibility into inventory, revenue, and margin impacts.
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About Mi9 Retail			Mi9 Retail is the fastest growing provider of enterprise software for retailers, wholesalers, and brands. Mi9 enables the world’s leading retailers to automate and optimize their entire Plan-to-Sell™ process, from planning to executing, influencing, and selling merchandise in-store, online, and on any device. Our corporate retail systems facilitate better planning, master data management, allocation, and replenishment, and our customer engagement and point-of-purchase systems boost revenue across digital and brick-and-mortar channels. Our solutions are connected via a common analytics framework that serves as the foundation of the system and speeds time to insight with role-based dashboards, KPIs, and governed self-service data discovery. Mi9 Retail is committed to helping retailers on their path to success, so they can maximize revenue and customer engagement while minimizing costs.
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