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Everything Corona
About the Virus
Prevention/ treatment
With the outbreak of COVID-19, many of our lives have been disrupted. With so many sources of media, misinformation often runs rampant, creating many misconceptions regarding COVID-19. Influenced by such misconceptions, people have been led to commit misguided acts, such the burning of 5G towers in the UK. In modern day society, with so many sources of information, it is often difficult to differentiate between facts and conjecture. This is where our website comes into play.
Our Aim
We hope our website will allow people to obtain more reliable and truthful information during these dark and dangerous times. In addition to basic information about the virus, we will also address common misconceptions, which can prevent and undo the damage of fake news that could be devastating if left unchecked. Since we understand that time is valuable and not everyone is interested in spending a large portion of their time keeping themselves updated on the virus, the information we provide is straightforward and concise, ensuring that users will be able to gather essential information in the shortest amount of time.