The Total Internet Inventory.

SecurityTrails Feeds™

Better Data, Better Decisions

Feeds ensures that your security team and apps use the most accurate and up-to-date security intel when forming the right conclusion. Improve your data enrichment, intelligence gathering, and analysis with our comprehensive datasets and plug-and-play API.

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SecurityTrails Feeds™ in Action

    • Updated Daily
    • DMARC Feeds
    • Domains Feeds
    • Subdomain Feeds
    • Certificate Transparency Logs
    • Custom Feeds

A Variety of Uses

How security experts use our feeds

IP and domain research, offline investigations, cybersecurity insurance underwriting, detecting phishing campaigns, locating spam & malware domains, spotting intellectual property violations, and more

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Specially Designed for IT & Security Companies

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Always Up to Date

Automatic daily updates give you peace of mind that you’re using the most current data available.

Take the right decisions

Our feeds are constantly curated and optimized to reduce false positives and negatives. Now you can be more confident in your decision making.

Time-saving Downloads

Save precious time and focus on bigger issues. Customize your downloads by type, ccTLD/TLD and registration status, plus have the option to include available nameservers on CSV results.

Spot Threats Sooner

Be more proactive, catch suspicious activity before it’s a threat. Locate look-alike stage domains used for phishing, spam and malware campaigns.

Work Flexibility

Work how you like to. Download and analyze static feeds, research using our simple web-based console from anywhere, or port dynamic data into your apps with our API.

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SecurityTrails API™

Give your infosec team a hand with a powerful easy-to-integrate API. Query our domain and IP related data (WHOIS, historical DNS records and SSL Certificates) seamlessly in your apps.

Attack Surface Reduction™

Within seconds ASR explores the surface area of any company, yours included. Check your network for exposed assets and take action against attack vectors before they become a problem.

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