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Search API Limitations for Free Users

We recently had to make some changes to how our Search API behaves for free and anonymous users. Anonymous users are users without a user-account, and free users are users which have a user-account, but which are not on any of our paid tiers.

We had to make these changes to ensure the continued stability of our Search API. Requiring user-signup allows us to better spot malicious behavior or talk to legitimate users about “bad” queries which they are not aware of. Thank you for your understanding.

Changes to our Search API

  1. Regex search is not available anymore to users without a user-account.
  2. Leading Wildcard search is only available to users on the urlscan Professional and urlscan Enterprise plans.
  3. The maximum number of search results returned by the Search API is limited:
    • Anon Users: 100 results max
    • Free Users: 1000 results max
    • Paid Users: 10000 results max

Changes to the "Structurally Similar Pages" Feature

The Structurally Similar Pages feature on the result page is not visible to users without a user-account. This page was heavily scraped, so we had to make this change. If you are interested in getting API-access to the Structurally Similar Pages feature, check out our paid tiers!