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API Only

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API Threat Hunting

API Threat Hunting

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$416 / mo

$833 / mo

$2,083 / mo

$4,166 / mo

Module: Daily API & Platform Quotas Quotas applied per day, use via UI or API(Hover for more info)
Private Scans Private Scans are only visible to yourself, they are not visible to other users through our search API or the urlscan Pro product. Private Scans are perfect for URLs you don't want to share with anyone. We delete your Private Scans after the Scan Retention period. 50 2,500 20,000 100,000 200,000
Unlisted Scans Unlisted Scans are only visible to yourself and users of urlscan Pro. They are not visible to the general public. Unlisted Scans should be used when you want to scan and report malicious websites but are concerned about potentially leaking sensitive information. 1,000 5,000 40,000 100,000 200,000
Public Scans Public Scans are visible to anyone using Public Scans should be used when you want to publicly document the state of a website and do not care about who is able to see the scan. 5,000 10,000 50,000 150,000 300,000
Search Requests You can perform this many Search Requests against our Search API or UI. Each Search Request can contain a complex query term which queries for multiple terms simultaneously. Only syntactically correct searches count against your quota. 1,000 12,500 150,000 500,000 500,000
Result Requests You can retrieve this many API results for individual scans from our Results API. 10,000 25,000 150,000 500,000 1,000,000
Live + Tor Scans Quickly scan websites from different geographical locations and with different scanning options. Different tiers of scanners allow different types of exiting IP traffic to scan websites.
Also Scan .onion websites on the Tor network.
None None 10,000 50,000 100,000
Country Selection You will be able to select which country your scan should performed from from a list of common choices. This allows you to more closely control the scan to potentially bypass geo-restrictions. Public Scans All Scans All Scans All Scans All Scans
Module: Threat Hunting & Intelligence
urlscan Pro Access to the urlscan Pro - Threat Hunting platform. No No 10 Seats 20 Seats 100 Seats
Phishing URL Feed Access the list of scans detected as malicious, brand impersonation or phishing from our database of 900+ brands. No No Yes Yes Yes
Search Visibility Which scans performed by other users you will be able to see via the Search API. Public Public Public Unlisted Public Unlisted Public Unlisted
Search Alerts Save searches in urlscan Pro and be notified via email if there are new scans that match your search. No No Yes Yes Yes
Similarity Search Find similar pages based on page structure or visual appearance of a page. Available in the UI and via the API. No No Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Search Search for historical scans using additional fields, including text on the page and the page title. No No Yes Yes Yes
New Hostnames Search Real-time search for newly observed hostnames, domains and TLS certificates. Can be used for subdomain enumeration, attack surface discovery and malicious domain discovery.
Email alerts available in Q1/2023.
No No Yes Yes Yes
urlscan Observe Watch for newly observed hostnames or URLs matching a pattern or keyword and automatically monitor them. No No Yes Yes Yes
Active Observables How many observables (URLs, domains, hostnames) can be monitored concurrently. None None 10 20 100
Managed rules Quarterly review and setup of watch rules with our team on behalf of the customer. No No No No Yes
Enterprise Features
Support Available channels for customer support. Customer support via phone and Zoom is generally available during CET business hours. No Email Email, Phone, Zoom Email, Phone, Zoom Email, Phone, Zoom
Single Sign-On (SSO) Support for Single Sign-On based on SAML 2.0 and integrating with the majority of modern identity providers such as Okta and Onelogin. SSO can be set to optional or mandatory. No No SAML 2.0 SAML 2.0 SAML 2.0
Custom Retention Custom retention time for your Private Scans. No No Yes Yes Yes
Custom T&Cs We will work with you to get set up on your vendor management system and allow you to request custom terms & conditions. No No Yes Yes Yes
Onboarding Call One Hour onboarding call with our team. No No 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour


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Additional Information

urlscan Pro

The urlscan Pro - Threat Hunting platform is our complete solution that allows your team to harness our API, get access to our Phishing URL Feed, and use our powerful urlscan Pro portal to hunt for related websites and infrastructure.

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Phishing URL Feed

Our phishing detection flags thousands of malicious and phishing URLs every day, many of them targeting one of the 900+ popular brands we track. You can retrieve the feed of detected URLs via our API.

Learn More


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