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Visual Search

Today we are launching Visual Search which is a powerful new search feature available through our urlscan Pro - Threat Hunting platform.

urlscan Pro - Visual Search


Visual Search allows users to find historical scans with visually similar screenshots to a scan of interest. This type of feature is also called Content-Based Image Retrieval. Instead of querying for historical scans using a structured textual query (such as search for a hostname or an IP address), Visual Search uses an existing screenshot image as the query. Visual Search works similar to popular Reverse Image-Search engines like Google’s Search by Image and the TinEye Reverse Image Search. Customers will be able to leverage Visual Search feature to discover previously undetected cases of brand impersonation or similar phishing pages based on the visual appearance of those sites.


Visual Search is available today through the urlscan Pro portal. The feature is currently in Beta until its API is finalized over the next few weeks. Further information about Visual Search is available to customers on the urlscan Pro platform.

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If you would like to take urlscan Pro for a spin just reach out to sales@urlscan.io. We offer 30-day free trials with no strings attached.