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urlscan Pro - Product Updates for Q2 / 2022

Today marks the last day of major features releases we had planned for Q2. This post will cover the highlights of new functionality in our urlscan Pro platform.

Saved Searches & Subscriptions

You can now save a search in urlscan Pro to be able to run it again later. On top of that, you can also receive an email alert whenever there are new hits for your saved searches. This allows you to create a number of hunt queries which might only trigger occasionally and automatically receive notifications when there are new hits.

Search UI Improvements

The Search page in urlscan Pro was significantly improved:

  • Filters are a convenient way to add, remove and invert pre-defined common search filters. We have a list of pre-defined filters that you can work with.
  • In the Search view, the new Aggregations list shows you aggregate information from your search results and allows you to further filter your results by adding another facet to your filters.
  • The new quick filter dialog also contains completions for the Brand Names that we track in urlscan Pro.
  • Whenever you have created an interesting search, you can now save it as a Saved Search directly from the search UI.
  • You can also use the new CSV Export feature to retrieve the results as a CSV file.

File Downloads

In the process of scanning websites, urlscan.io will sometimes encounter file downloads triggered by the website. If we are able to successfully download the file, we will store it, hash it and make it available for downloading by our customers.

To highlight this stream of data, we have created a separate Downloads section which contains the most recent file downloads and highlights the information we store for each downloaded file. There is a dedicated Help Section on Downloads which talks about API use and known limitations of this feature.

Live Scanning

The following features were added to the the Live Scanning UI:

  • Additional devices available for device emulation (iPhone 12, 13, etc)
  • Scanners can be selected via a new Select All button
  • Scanner Details can be shown, such as the current exit IP, AS and VPN provider
  • Scan Results have been cleaned up to give a better overview
  • Outgoing Links can now be scanned with a dedicated button
  • Available Live Scan Quotas are shown within the scanning UI

urlscan Pro Trial

If you would like to take urlscan Pro for a spin just reach out to sales@urlscan.io. We offer 30-day free trials with no strings attached.