User Account Help

Your user-account on unlocks a number of features which this page will try to explain. For help on how to use the API please refer to our API documentation.


You can create and join different Team Accounts. This will allow you to use different features and quotas available to the teams you're in as well as sharing scans with multiple users via the team. You can subscribe a team to our commercial subscriptions and have all of the team's members benefit from the available features.

Team Management

If you're an Owner or Admin of a team, you can invite and promote other users to the team. If you're the Owner of a team, you can also switch to managing the team account itself using the Manage Team button. You can only invite users to the team if they already have a user-account on

Team API Keys

Users can create API keys within a team account instead of in their personal account. The advantage is that the API keys are no longer tied to their individual accounts, and any team member will notice the existence of the key. Team admins can disable team API keys. The actual key is only visible to the user who created it, other users can only see its description and how many submissions it has performed.

User: Active Team — Attention

The Active Team matters for accounting of quotas and for the visibility of news scans that you perform. In most cases you would want your primary team to be set as your Active team, specifically if you want to:

  • Use the team's API quotas while using via UI and personal API keys.
  • Have scans that you perform via UI or personal API keys be visible to other team members and team API keys.
If you do not have an Active Team, all actions performed in the UI or your personal API keys actions will be counted against your personal quota, and scans you perform using the UI will only be visible to you individually. You will still be able to see scans performed by any of your teams in the search results, but you will be using you personal API quotas for Searching and Retrieving.

Attention If you join a team account and set that team as "Active", then all scans performed via the UI or any of your personal API keys will be visible to members of the currently active team. Setting the team inactive will NOT change the visibility of scans you have already performed. Only set a team active if you are OK sharing your scans with the other team members!

Features, Products, Limits

All of the available Features, Products and Limits (such as searchable fields or access to urlscan Pro) are combined from all your teams, regardless of whether you have an Active Team.

Team, User, API Keys — Scenarios

This is how the quotas are accounted and how the settings are merged when using either via the UI or with an API key. The columns show the different scenarios of how an action is performed, always applicable to both UI and API. Here, All Teams means any team that the user has accepted an invitation too, whether the team is active or not.

User w/o Active Team User with Active Team Team API Key
Which quotas are used? User Quotas Active Team Quotas Team Quotas
Which team will new scans belong to? User (No Team) Active Team Team
Which Private scans will appear in Search? User + All Teams User + All Teams Team
Settings used for Scan Visibility & Enforcement User Active Team Team
Which products are available? User + All Teams User + All Teams Team
Which Fields can be searched? User + All Teams User + All Teams Team


Most users start out with an individual user-account and individual API Key. Once their parent organisation sets up its own team account, users usually want to continue using their existing API Key, often because it's already tighly integrated in automated systems. By setting the Active Team, users can continue to use the API Key they are already using and simply have it be equipped with more quota and visibility.

Automated Processes

When you submit a public scan that we believe contains PII (e.g. a plain or base64-encoded email address), we will restrict its visibility to "unlisted" and the scan will be counted against your "unlisted" quota.