User Account Help

Your user-account on unlocks a number of features which this page will try to explain. For help on how to use the API please refer to our API documentation.


You can create and join different Team Accounts. This will allow you to use different features and quotas available to the teams you're in as well as sharing scans with multiple users via the team. You can subscribe a team to our commercial subscriptions and have all of the team's members benefit from the available features.

Active Team

The Active Team determines which quotas and settings are used when you're using interactively. If you disable your active team, all interactive actions will be counted against your personal quota, and scans you perform using the UI will only be visible to you individually.

Features, Products, Limits

When you're using interactively, all of the available Features, Products and Limits (such as searchable fields and historical results) are merged from all your teams, regardless of your active team. The available quotas are not merged though.

Team Visibility

Scans done with an Active Team or an API-key which is associated with that team will always be visible to all members of that team.

Team Management

If you're an Owner or Admin of a team, you can invite and promote other users to the team. If you're the Owner of a team, you can also switch to managing the team account itself using the Manage Team button.

API Keys

When you're using your personal API key, you will be using your personal API quota but will retain the products, features and search-visibility of all of your teams.

When you're using an API key to submit a scan, the visibility of the scan depends on which Team the API key is associated with (see table below). The actual API-key associated with a team is only visible and useable by yourself. Other users will be able to observe the quota used by each individual API key though.

Automated Processes

When you submit a public scan that we believe contains PII (e.g. a plain or base64-encoded email address), we will restrict its visibility to "unlisted" and the scan will be counted against your "unlisted" quota.

Quotas, Features & Settings

This is how the quotas are accounted and how the settings are merged when using either via the UI or with an API key.

The columns show the different scenarios of how an API action is performed, either through the UI or the API and either with your personal API key or a team API key.

User UI / User API Key User UI with Active Team Team API Key
Quota Limits & Accounting User Active Team Team
Unlisted/Private Scan Visibility User Active Team Members Team Members
Search Visibility User + All Teams User + All Teams Team
Default Visibility & Enforcement User Active Team Team
Feature Flags User + All Teams User + All Teams Team
Products User + All Teams User + All Teams Team
Searchable Fields User + All Teams User + All Teams Team
Search API Delay min(User, All Teams) min(User, All Teams) Team
Max Search Results max(User, All Teams) max(User, All Teams) Team
Historical Search Range max(User, All Teams) max(User, All Teams) Team