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registrar:      World4You Internet Services GmbH ( )
registrant:     <data not disclosed>
tech-c:         GG702595-NICAT
tech-c:         <data not disclosed>
changed:        20210225 13:31:25
DNSSEC:         Signed
DS key tag  1:  19505
algorithm   1:  13
digest type 1:  1
digest      1:  00ab63a1f87e48546cb239398c47ac6494f776a6
DS key tag  2:  19505
algorithm   2:  13
digest type 2:  2
digest      2:  89145c8b553c1078f57144cbf344bc64b422686d3e33d9d14c2ba59d89e6d9bc
DS key tag  3:  19505
algorithm   3:  13
digest type 3:  4
digest      3:  faee6818430e086532f9b7d748f2c3e93050e6105d68eb82f4037467ead85b9d41d3ada82a7bf4f0ce2bb32e006c11c5
source:         AT-DOM

personname:     Domain Admin
organization:   World4You Internet Services GmbH
street address: Hafenstrasse 35
postal code:    4020
city:           Linz
country:        Austria
phone:          <data not disclosed>
fax-no:         <data not disclosed>
e-mail:         <data not disclosed>
nic-hdl:        GG702595-NICAT
changed:        20190117 15:19:57
source:         AT-DOM