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urlscan Pro - Overview

Our urlscan Pro platform combines the best of our products and capabilities into one powerful solution. urlscan Pro allows your team to tap into all the URLs analysed through urlscan.io and the URLs detected by our phishing detection engine. It helps threat analysts by exposing more powerful query capabilities and pulling in more data to make sense of infrastructure and scanned websites. Users of urlscan Pro have access to the following list of tools and resources.


Log in and see what's up on the Dashboard. Read about News and upcoming changes to the platform, check out the visual changelog. For newcomers, we included a video walkthrough of the platform.

Visual Search Page

Use the powerful Visual Search to quickly determine whether the search you performed is turning up interesting results. Quickly skim the search results and look at high-level attributes of a scan. Check the prevalence indicator for artifacts which might be interesting to pivot on. Use additional query modifiers to perform leading-wildcard and regex searches. Limit the search to the scans detected as phishing and malicious URLs. Use virtual search-modifiers to only look at scans performed by yourself or your team.

Result Page

Get the fastest possible summary of a particular scan result. See high-level attributes of the website and get pointers about pivotable attributes. See recent scans on the same IP address, hostname and network as the scan in question. Look at the Similar Pages result to find pages with a large degree of structural similarity.

Saved Searches & Email Alerts

Save interesting hunting searches and get an email alert whenever there are new hits for your search.

Tracked Brands

Take a look at the 900+ brands we are tracking. Understand their legitimate web presence and high-level properties such as their industry vertical and country of origin. Look at all detected scans targeting a specific brand or industry vertical. Use helpful hunting pointers to find additional interesting scans.

Live Scanning

Use our Live Scanning feature to quickly scan websites from different geographical locations, using different browser settings. Evade geo-fencing restrictions and customise the output of the scanner. Use the scanner to grab files, or scan Tor .onion URLs.

Newly observed hostnames & domains

Search through our real-time search index of newly observed hostnames & domains. Use our powerful search syntax to limit your results to interesting hits. Set up saved searches for new hostnames. Use this feature for discovering brand impersonation or as a lightweight attack surface discovery mechanism.

urlscan Pro
Threat Hunting

Included with

urlscan Professional

urlscan Enterprise

urlscan Ultimate


  • Search Public and Unlisted scans
  • Rich UI with visual search
  • Powerful pivoting abilities
  • Search by brand name and industry vertical
  • Similar Pages API
  • Live Scanning
  • Additional search modifiers:
    • Search by Submitter Country
    • Wildcard and Regex Search
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