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Geo United States (US) —
Domain pki.goog (The registered domain)
AS AS15169 - GOOGLE - Google LLC, US
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Registrar ARIN
Route (Route of ASN)
PTR zrh04s06-in-f131.1e100.net(PTR record of primary IP)
IPv6 2a00:1450:4001:808::2003

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IPs 2a00:1450:4001:820::200e | 9x 2a00:1450:4001:818::2003 | 8x 2a00:1450:4001:81e::2003 | 8x 2a00:1450:4001:808::2003 | 6x 2a00:1450:4001:81c::200e | 6x 2a00:1450:4001:81d::200e | 6x 2a00:1450:4001:825::2003 | 6x 2a00:1450:4001:81b::2003 | 5x 2a00:1450:4001:81f::2003 | 5x 2a00:1450:4001:820::2003 | 5x

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