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AS AS16625 - AKAMAI-AS - Akamai Technologies, Inc., US
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Registrar ARIN
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PTR a2-18-234-75.deploy.static.akamaitechnologies.com(PTR record of primary IP)

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Domains www.sec.gov | 296x www.edgarfiling.sec.gov | 1x

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www.edgarfiling.sec.gov 8 months ago
www.sec.gov a year ago
bit.ly/MOMTsecEDGAR a year ago
bit.ly/MOMTsecEDGAR a year ago
bit.ly/MOMTsecEDGAR a year ago

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ASNs AS13335 | 2x AS29748 | 1x AS36351 | 1x AS8015 | 1x

IPs | 2x | 1x | 1x 2001:18c8:17f:fc75:20:1:1:5 | 1x

Domains etadam.info | 2x links.govdelivery.com | 2x centiment.io | 1x

Countries US | 5x

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links.govdelivery.com/track?type=click&enid=ZWFzPTEmbXNpZD0mYXVpZD0mbWFpbGluZ... 8 months ago
centiment.io a year ago
links.govdelivery.com:80/track?type=click&enid=ZWFzPTEmbXNpZD0mYXVpZD0mbWFpbG... a year ago
etadam.info/barclay-card-business a year ago
etadam.info/barclay-card-business a year ago

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NetRange: -
NetName:        2-RIPE
NetHandle:      NET-2-0-0-0-1
Parent:          ()
NetType:        Allocated to RIPE NCC
Organization:   RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE)
RegDate:        2009-09-28
Updated:        2009-09-30
Comment:        These addresses have been further assigned to users in
Comment:        the RIPE NCC region. Contact information can be found in
Comment:        the RIPE database at http://www.ripe.net/whois
Ref:            https://rdap.arin.net/registry/ip/

ResourceLink:  https://apps.db.ripe.net/search/query.html
ResourceLink:  whois.ripe.net

OrgName:        RIPE Network Coordination Centre
OrgId:          RIPE
Address:        P.O. Box 10096
City:           Amsterdam
PostalCode:     1001EB
Country:        NL
Updated:        2013-07-29
Ref:            https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/RIPE

ReferralServer:  whois://whois.ripe.net
ResourceLink:  https://apps.db.ripe.net/search/query.html

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE3850-ARIN
OrgAbuseName:   Abuse Contact
OrgAbusePhone:  +31205354444 
OrgAbuseEmail:  abuse@ripe.net
OrgAbuseRef:    https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/ABUSE3850-ARIN

OrgTechHandle: RNO29-ARIN
OrgTechName:   RIPE NCC Operations
OrgTechPhone:  +31 20 535 4444 
OrgTechEmail:  hostmaster@ripe.net
OrgTechRef:    https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/RNO29-ARIN

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