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Registrar RIPENCC

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WHOIS for AS8426

as-block:       AS8192 - AS8523
descr:          RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks:        These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
created:        2018-11-22T15:27:23Z
last-modified:  2018-11-22T15:27:23Z
source:         RIPE

aut-num:        AS8426
as-name:        CLARANET-AS
descr:          ClaraNET LTD
descr:          Global Autonomous System
remarks:        *********************************************
remarks:        * The list below is generated automatically *
remarks:        *********************************************
remarks:        AS42 (PEER) - WOODYNET-1 - WoodyNet

remarks:        AS112 (PEER) - ROOTSERV

remarks:        AS286 (PEER) - KPN Internet Backbone

remarks:        AS553 (PEER) - Landeshochschulnetz Baden-Wuerttemberg (BelWue)

remarks:        AS680 (PEER) - DFN-IP service G-WiN

remarks:        AS702 (PEER) - AS702 Verizon Business EMEA - Commercial IP service provider in Europe

remarks:        AS714 (PEER) - Apple Inc

remarks:        AS766 (PEER) - REDIRIS

remarks:        AS786 (PEER) - JANET The JANET IP Service

remarks:        AS1103 (PEER) - SURFNET-NL SURFnet, The Netherlands

remarks:        AS1126 (PEER) - SARA Stichting Academisch Rekencentrum Amsterdam

remarks:        AS1200 (PEER) - AMS-IX1 Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Peering AS

remarks:        AS1241 (PEER) - Forthnet

remarks:        AS1248 (PEER) - Nokia

remarks:        AS1257 (PEER) - TELE2

remarks:        AS1267 (PEER) - WIND

remarks:        AS1290 (PEER) - TELSTRAEUROPELTD-BACKBONE Telstra Europe Ltd

remarks:        AS1836 (PEER) - TIC TIC The Internet Company AG Autonomous System

remarks:        AS1930 (PEER) - FCCN

remarks:        AS2110 (PEER) - BT Ireland

remarks:        AS2119 (PEER) - TELENOR-NEXTEL

remarks:        AS2200 (PEER) - RENATER

remarks:        AS2483 (PEER) - NIC-FR-DNS-UNICAST-IX1 AFNIC

remarks:        AS2484 (PEER) - NIC-FR-DNS-ANYCAST-AFNIC

remarks:        AS2486 (PEER) -  NIC-FR-DNS-UNICAST-TH2 AFNIC

remarks:        AS2529 (PEER) - DEMON-INTERNET Demon Internet

remarks:        AS2603 (PEER) - NORDUnet

remarks:        AS2611 (PEER) - BELNET BELNET Autonomous System

remarks:        AS2635 (PEER) - Automattic

remarks:        AS2686 (PEER) - AT&T Global Network Services - EMEA

remarks:        AS2818 (PEER) - BBC BBC Internet Services, UK

remarks:        AS2856 (PEER) - BT-UK-AS BTnet UK Regional network

remarks:        AS2857 (PEER) - Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Educational Network of Rhineland-Palatinate Mainz Germany

remarks:        AS2860 (PEER) - NOVIS

remarks:        AS2906 (PEER) - Netflix

remarks:        AS3209 (PEER) - Arcor IP-Network

remarks:        AS3213 (PEER) - BOGONS-CORE-ASN Bogons Ltd

remarks:        AS3215 (PEER) - Orange France

remarks:        AS3216 (PEER) - SOVAM-AS Golden Telecom, Moscow, Russia

remarks:        AS3223 (PEER) - Voxility (migrated from AS39743 to AS3223)

remarks:        AS3243 (PEER) - Telepac (Portugal Telecom, Telepac & SAPO)

remarks:        AS3257 (PEER) - TISCALI-BACKBONE Tiscali Intl Network BV

remarks:        AS3262 (PEER) - SARENET SAREnet, Spain

remarks:        AS3265 (PEER) - XS4ALL-NL XS4ALL

remarks:        AS3292 (PEER) - TDC TDC Data Networks

remarks:        AS3303 (PEER) - SWISSCOM Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd

remarks:        AS3320 (PEER) - DTAG

remarks:        AS3326 (PEER) - Datagroup PJSC

remarks:        AS3327 (PEER) - LINXTELECOM Linxtelecom Autonomous System

remarks:        AS3333 (PEER) - RIPE NCC

remarks:        AS3352 (PEER) - Telefonica Espa?a

remarks:        AS3356 (TRANSIT) - Level 3

remarks:        AS3491 (PEER) - BTN-ASN - Beyond The Network America, Inc.

remarks:        AS3741 (PEER) - IS

remarks:        AS3856 (PEER) - PCH-AS - Packet Clearing House

remarks:        AS4004 (PEER) - GLOBALONE-EQUANT-UK Equant UK and Greece Autonomous System

remarks:        AS4589 (PEER) - EASYNET Easynet Group Plc

remarks:        AS4637 (PEER) - REACH Reach Network Border AS

remarks:        AS4651 (PEER) - THIX

remarks:        AS4766 (PEER) - KIXS-AS-KR Korea Telecom

remarks:        AS4788 (PEER) - TMNET-AS-AP TM Net, Internet Service Provider

remarks:        AS5089 (PEER) - NTL NTL Group Limited

remarks:        AS5390 (PEER) - Online Breedband B.V.

remarks:        AS5409 (PEER) - TPL-ASN toplink GmbH

remarks:        AS5410 (PEER) - ASN-T-ONLINEFRANCE Bouygues Telecom FAI

remarks:        AS5413 (PEER) - AS5413 GX Networks

remarks:        AS5430 (PEER) - FREENETDE freenet Cityline GmbH

remarks:        AS5459 (PEER) - LINX-AS London Internet Exchange Ltd.

remarks:        AS5466 (PEER) - EIRCOM Eircom

remarks:        AS5503 (PEER) - RMIFL Research Machines PLC - Internet for Learning

remarks:        AS5511 (PEER) - Orange - Worldwide IP Backbone (Opentransit)

remarks:        AS5539 (PEER) - SPACENET SpaceNET AG, Munich

remarks:        AS5560 (PEER) - AS-BICS-INSTANT-PEERING

remarks:        AS5564 (PEER) - SOL-AS Scotland On Line

remarks:        AS5577 (PEER) -

remarks:        AS5580 (PEER) - Atrato

remarks:        AS5583 (PEER) - GIPNL Orange Business Services - Benelux AS

remarks:        AS5588 (PEER) - GTSCE GTS Central Europe / Antel Germany

remarks:        AS5605 (PEER) - NETUSE NetUSE AG

remarks:        AS5607 (PEER) - BSKYB Broadband

remarks:        AS5615 (PEER) - TISNL-BACKBONE Green ISP B.V.

remarks:        AS5631 (CUSTOMER) - VITAL-GROUP VITAL-GROUP UK Network

remarks:        AS6067 (PEER) - ONYX Onyx Internet

remarks:        AS6447 (COLLECTOR) - ROUTEVIEWS

remarks:        AS6453 (TRANSIT) - TATA

remarks:        AS6461 (TRANSIT) - MFNX MFN - Metromedia Fiber Network

remarks:        AS6661 (PEER) - EPT-LU Entreprise des P. et T. Luxembourg

remarks:        AS6667 (PEER) - EUNET-FINLAND ELISA Oyj / EUnet Finland Backbone AS / Saunalahti Group

remarks:        AS6677 (PEER) - Siminn

remarks:        AS6695 (PEER) - DECIX-AS DE-CIX, the German Internet Exchange

remarks:        AS6730 (PEER) - SUNRISE sunrise (TDC Switzerland AG)

remarks:        AS6735 (PEER) - SDTNET AG

remarks:        AS6738 (PEER) - D R I - - Internet Service Provider

remarks:        AS6752 (PEER) - ANDORRA TELECOM SAU

remarks:        AS6774 (PEER) - ASN-BICS Belgacom International Carrier Services

remarks:        AS6777 (PEER) - AMS-IX-RS Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Route Servers AS

remarks:        AS6805 (PEER) - TDDE-ASN1 Telefonica Deutschland Autonomous System

remarks:        AS6908 (PEER) - Datahop

remarks:        AS6939 (PEER) - HURRICANE - Hurricane Electric

remarks:        AS7342 (PEER) - VERISIGN-AS - VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations

remarks:        AS7473 (PEER) - SINGTEL-AS-AP Singapore Telecom

remarks:        AS7713 (PEER) - PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia

remarks:        AS8068 (PEER) - MICROSOFTEU Microsoft European Data Center

remarks:        AS8075 (PEER) - MICROSOFT-CORP---MSN-AS-BLOCK - Microsoft Corp

remarks:        AS8218 (PEER) - Neotelecoms SAS

remarks:        AS8220 (PEER) - COLT COLT Telecommunications

remarks:        AS8272 (CUSTOMER) - NETSCALIBUR-UK Convergence Autonomous System

remarks:        AS8282 (PEER) - FidoNet

remarks:        AS8283 (PEER) - Coloclue

remarks:        AS8298 (COLLECTOR) - GRH IPv6 Ghost Route Hunter Project

remarks:        AS8304 (PEER) - AS8304 ECRITEL Company

remarks:        AS8309 (PEER) - Sipartech

remarks:        AS8319 (PEER) - NETHINKS-AS NETHINKS GmbH

remarks:        AS8330 (PEER) - LONAP

remarks:        AS8359 (PEER) - COMSTAR COMSTAR-Direct Moscow region network

remarks:        AS8365 (PEER) - MANDA

remarks:        AS8403 (PEER) - AS-SPOTIFY

remarks:        AS8422 (PEER) - NETCOLOGNE NETCOLOGNE AS

remarks:        AS8442 (PEER) - SWOL DIG GmbH

remarks:        AS8447 (PEER) - TELEKOM-AT Telekom Austria AutonomousSystem

remarks:        AS8455 (PEER) - ATOM86

remarks:        AS8468 (PEER) - ENTANET ENTANET International Ltd

remarks:        AS8469 (PEER) - PIRONETNDH-AS PIRONET NDH AG

remarks:        AS8551 (PEER) - Bezeq International

remarks:        AS8553 (PEER) - AVENSYS Avensys Networks Ltd

remarks:        AS8554 (PEER) - ATSAT TAS France / ATSAT Autonomous System

remarks:        AS8560 (PEER) - ONEANDONE-AS 1&1 Internet AG

remarks:        AS8565 (PEER) - BLUEGIX BLUEGIX Autonomous System

remarks:        AS8607 (PEER) - Atlas Internet Autonomous System

remarks:        AS8648 (PEER) - KAMP-DE KAMP Netzwerkdienste GmbH

remarks:        AS8657 (PEER) - CPRM CPRM Autonomous System

remarks:        AS8676 (PEER) - PRT Systems

remarks:        AS8681 (PEER) - Jersey Telecom

remarks:        AS8683 (CUSTOMER6_PEER4) - NOMINET Nominet UK

remarks:        AS8708 (PEER) - RDSNET RCS & RDS S.A.

remarks:        AS8723 (PEER) - AS-INTEGRA

remarks:        AS8737 (PEER) - PT KPN Internet Solutions

remarks:        AS8757 (PEER) - AS-NSFOCUS

remarks:        AS8763 (PEER) - DENIC-AS DENIC eG

remarks:        AS8767 (PEER) - MNET-AS M-net AS

remarks:        AS8781 (PEER) - QTEL

remarks:        AS8784 (PEER) - AS8784 Matra Global Netservices

remarks:        AS8824 (PEER) - BROADNET

remarks:        AS8839 (PEER) - SDV-AS SdV Plurimedia

remarks:        AS8851 (PEER) - INWEB Inweb Networks UK-AS

remarks:        AS8881 (PEER) - VERSATEL Versatel West GmbH

remarks:        AS8897 (PEER) - MISTRAL Mistral Internet Group Limited

remarks:        AS8903 (PEER) - BT British Telecom

remarks:        AS8928 (PEER) - INTEROUTE Interoute Communications Ltd

remarks:        AS8943 (PEER) - JUMP Jump Networks Ltd.

remarks:        AS8966 (PEER) - Emirates Telecommunications Corporation

remarks:        AS9002 (PEER) - RETN-AS Autonomous System

remarks:        AS9009 (PEER) - M247 Ltd

remarks:        AS9031 (PEER) - EDPNET


remarks:        AS9044 (PEER) - SOLNET SolNet Internet Solution Provider

remarks:        AS9063 (PEER) - SAARGATE-AS teresto media AG

remarks:        AS9116 (PEER) - 012 Smile Telecom

remarks:        AS9119 (PEER) - SOFTNET-AS Softnet d.o.o.

remarks:        AS9145 (PEER) - EWETEL EWE TEL GmbH

remarks:        AS9150 (PEER) - INTERCONNECT InterConnect Services BV

remarks:        AS9153 (PEER) - BURSTFIRE-EU Burstfire Networks Limited

remarks:        AS9186 (PEER) - ONI

remarks:        AS9189 (PEER) - ACCOM NetAachen GmbH

remarks:        AS9193 (PEER) - CONXIONEU ConXion Corporation Europe

remarks:        AS9318 (PEER) - HANARO-AS Hanaro Telecom Inc.

remarks:        AS9498 (PEER) - BhartiAirtel

remarks:        AS9505 (PEER) - TWGATE-AP Taiwan Internet Gateway

remarks:        AS10026 (PEER) - PacNet

remarks:        AS10310 (PEER) - YAHOO-1 - Yahoo!

remarks:        AS12008 (PEER) - UltraDNS

remarks:        AS12200 (PEER) - Rackspace

remarks:        AS12305 (PEER) - G9TELECOM

remarks:        AS12306 (PEER) - PLUSLINE Plus.Line AG

remarks:        AS12312 (PEER) - ECOTEL ecotel communication ag

remarks:        AS12322 (PEER) - PROXAD AS for Proxad/Free ISP

remarks:        AS12337 (PEER) - NORIS-NETWORK noris network AG

remarks:        AS12350 (PEER) - VTX

remarks:        AS12353 (PEER) - VODAFONE

remarks:        AS12355 (PEER) - HAMCOM-DE HeLi NET Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. KG

remarks:        AS12362 (PEER) - NetPluscom

remarks:        AS12386 (PEER) - Al-pi

remarks:        AS12390 (PEER) - KINGSTON-UK-AS Kingston Communications PLC AS

remarks:        AS12394 (PEER) - ENERTEL Enertel N.V.

remarks:        AS12399 (PEER) - SCAN-PLUS-AS ScanPlus GmbH, NIC/NOC Ulm

remarks:        AS12414 (PEER) - NL-SOLCON SOLCON-NL

remarks:        AS12479 (PEER) - France Telecom Espana SA

remarks:        AS12496 (PEER) - IDNET IDNET Autonomous System

remarks:        AS12541 (PEER) - BT ESPANIA

remarks:        AS12542 (PEER) - ZON/NETCABO

remarks:        AS12552 (PEER) - IPO-EU IP-Only

remarks:        AS12576 (PEER) - Everything Everywhere

remarks:        AS12583 (CUSTOMER) - Stanley

remarks:        AS12628 (CUSTOMER) - SCREAMING-NET-AS S.C.R.E.A.M Project ASN

remarks:        AS12654 (COLLECTOR) - RIPE-NCC-RIS-AS RIPE NCC RIS project

remarks:        AS12676 (PEER) - NCORE-AS HKN GmbH

remarks:        AS12680 (CUSTOMER) - Gruner-und-Jahr-AS1

remarks:        AS12713 (PEER) - OTEGLOBE OTEGlobe Backbone AS

remarks:        AS12715 (PEER) - JAZZNET Jazz Telecom S.A.

remarks:        AS12731 (PEER) - IPHH IPHH Internet Port Hamburg GmbH

remarks:        AS12779 (PEER) - ITGate

remarks:        AS12859 (PEER) - NL-BIT BIT BV

remarks:        AS12871 (PEER) - NL-CONCEPTS Concepts ICT Autonomous System

remarks:        AS12874 (PEER) - FASTWEB Fastweb Autonomous System

remarks:        AS12876 (PEER) - AS12876 Telecom Italia France

remarks:        AS12897 (PEER) - HEAGMEDIANET HEAG MediaNet GmbH

remarks:        AS12902 (PEER) - LUNA Autonomous System

remarks:        AS12926 (PEER) - AR TELECOM / JAZZTEL

remarks:        AS12989 (PEER) - HWNG Highwinds Network Group, Inc.

remarks:        AS13005 (PEER) - AS13005 C2 Internet ASN

remarks:        AS13009 (PEER) - Redcentric PLC

remarks:        AS13030 (PEER) - INIT7 Init Seven AG, Zurich, Switzerland

remarks:        AS13037 (PEER) - ZEN-AS Zen Internet

remarks:        AS13041 (PEER) - Anella Cientifica

remarks:        AS13101 (PEER) - TNG-AS TNG - THE NET GENERATION AG

remarks:        AS13122 (PEER) - MANX-AS MANX-TELECOM Autonomous System

remarks:        AS13156 (PEER) - CABOVISAO

remarks:        AS13184 (PEER) - HANSENET HanseNet Telekommunikation GmbH

remarks:        AS13193 (PEER) - ASN-NERIM Nerim -- xDSL Internet Provider

remarks:        AS13213 (PEER) - UK2NET-AS UK-2 Ltd Autonomous System

remarks:        AS13237 (PEER) - LAMBDANET-AS European Backbone of LambdaNet

remarks:        AS13285 (PEER) - OPALTELECOM-AS Opal Telecom

remarks:        AS13335 (PEER) - Cloudflare

remarks:        AS13414 (PEER) - Twitter

remarks:        AS13445 (PEER) - Cisco Webex

remarks:        AS13646 (PEER) - AS13646 Priority Telecom Global Autonomous System

remarks:        AS13680 (PEER) - CITY-GUIDE-INTERNET - City-Guide Internet Services Inc.

remarks:        AS13768 (PEER) - PEER1 - Peer 1 Network Inc.

remarks:        AS13786 (PEER) - Seaborn Networks

remarks:        AS13896 (PEER) - FUZE

remarks:        AS14061 (PEER) - Digital Ocean

remarks:        AS14340 (PEER) -

remarks:        AS14413 (PEER) - Linkedin

remarks:        AS14492 (PEER) - DATAPIPE - DataPipe

remarks:        AS14537 (PEER) - Mohawk

remarks:        AS14907 (PEER) - Wikimedia Foundation

remarks:        AS15133 (PEER) - EdgeCast

remarks:        AS15169 (PEER) - GOOGLE - Google Inc.

remarks:        AS15412 (PEER) - FLAG-AS Flag Telecom Global Internet AS

remarks:        AS15422 (PEER) - PPR-AS15422 PPR Autonomous System (PPR Group)

remarks:        AS15426 (PEER) - XENOSITE XenoSite Autonomous System

remarks:        AS15435 (PEER) - KABELFOON CAIW Autonomous System

remarks:        AS15436 (PEER) - WITBE-AS WITBE Autonomous System

remarks:        AS15489 (CUSTOMER) - ARTFUL-AS artful

remarks:        AS15516 (PEER) - Dansk KabelTV A/S

remarks:        AS15525 (PEER) - PT PRIME

remarks:        AS15533 (PEER) - SASEUROPE SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd European AS

remarks:        AS15542 (PEER) - ZEELANDNET ZeelandNet BV

remarks:        AS15557 (PEER) - LDCOMNET NEUF CEGETEL (formerly LDCOM NETWORKS)

remarks:        AS15598 (PEER) - IP-EXCHANGE IP Exchange GmbH

remarks:        AS15600 (PEER) - FINECOM Finecom Telecommunications AG

remarks:        AS15622 (CUSTOMER) - Frontline Consultancy & Business Services Ltd

remarks:        AS15695 (PEER) - Expereo International bv

remarks:        AS15699 (PEER) - ADAM

remarks:        AS15703 (PEER) - TRUESERVER-AS TrueServer BV AS number

remarks:        AS15722 (CUSTOMER) - Ingenieurbuero MKdesign

remarks:        AS15732 (PEER) - IBERBANDA

remarks:        AS15734 (CUSTOMER) - Telvent Global Services S.A.

remarks:        AS15743 (PEER) - IPH IPH AS

remarks:        AS15766 (CUSTOMER) - DOMICILIUM-AS Networks announced by Domicilium

remarks:        AS15773 (PEER) - INCLARITY Inclarity Ltd


remarks:        AS15879 (PEER) - ASN-IS IS Interned Services BV Autonomous System

remarks:        AS15957 (CUSTOMER) - WTG-AS Web Technology Group

remarks:        AS15988 (PEER) - AKHTERNET Akhter Computers Ltd.

remarks:        AS16030 (PEER) - ALTECOM Altecom AS (Alta Tecnologia en Comunicaciones, S.L.)

remarks:        AS16080 (PEER) - Rentabiliweb Telecom

remarks:        AS16082 (PEER) - SPITFIRE Spitfire Network Services Autonomous System

remarks:        AS16097 (PEER) - HL komm Telekommunikationsgsesllschaft mbH

remarks:        AS16128 (PEER) - AGARIK-NETWORK AGARIK provides WEB and Servers Hosting

remarks:        AS16131 (PEER) - GRAFIX-IS GrafiX Internet B.V.

remarks:        AS16150 (PEER) - Port80

remarks:        AS16164 (PEER) - Sohonet

remarks:        AS16211 (PEER) - STELLA-NET Stella-Net is a French ISP

remarks:        AS16265 (PEER) - LEASEWEB LEASEWEB AS

remarks:        AS16276 (PEER) - OVH OVH

remarks:        AS16298 (PEER) - INTERBOX-AS InterBox Internet

remarks:        AS16347 (PEER) - AS-RMI

remarks:        AS16353 (PEER) - MERULA Merula Limited UK Routing

remarks:        AS16371 (PEER) - Acens

remarks:        AS16509 (PEER) - Amazon

remarks:        AS16637 (PEER) - MTNNS-AS

remarks:        AS16839 (PEER) - Service Now

remarks:        AS17451 (PEER) - Biznet Networks

remarks:        AS18453 (CUSTOMER) - Organisation Atticus LLP

remarks:        AS19551 (PEER) - Incapsula

remarks:        AS19679 (PEER) - Dropbox

remarks:        AS20473 (PEER) - Choopa

remarks:        AS20485 (PEER) - TRANSTELECOM JSC Company TransTeleCom

remarks:        AS20495 (PEER) - WEDARE We Dare BV Autonomous System

remarks:        AS20500 (PEER) - GRIFFIN Griffin Internet European Network

remarks:        AS20504 (PEER) - RTL-NL RTL-NL AS

remarks:        AS20562 (PEER) - Open Peering Initiative

remarks:        AS20634 (PEER) - LIE-COMTEL Telecom Liechtstein AG

remarks:        AS20640 (PEER) - TITAN-NETWORKS Titan Networks Internet & Telecommunications

remarks:        AS20676 (PEER) - QSC AG

remarks:        AS20712 (PEER) - AAISP Andrews & Arnold Ltd

remarks:        AS20764 (PEER) - RASCOM

remarks:        AS20773 (PEER) - Host Europe GmbH

remarks:        AS20795 (CUSTOMER) - ITM Research GmbH

remarks:        AS20799 (PEER) - DATANET-AS Datanet

remarks:        AS20804 (PEER) - ASN-TELENERGO EXATEL S.A. Autonomous System

remarks:        AS20847 (PEER) - INTROWEB-AS IntroWeb Nederland BV, Hengelo (OV), The Netherlands

remarks:        AS20857 (PEER) - TRANSIP-AS TransIP BV

remarks:        AS20860 (PEER) - RapidSwitch Ltd

remarks:        AS20932 (PEER) - SIG SIG - IP-MAN.NET

remarks:        AS20940 (PEER) - AKAMAI-ASN1 Akamai Technologies European AS

remarks:        AS20952 (PEER) - AS-VENUSBC

remarks:        AS20953 (PEER) - INFONL-AS Amsterdam, The Netherlands

remarks:        AS21099 (PEER) - GAMEGROUP-UK-AS Game Group UK ASN, Game Stores Group Ltd.

remarks:        AS21263 (PEER) - TELEDATA-AS TeleData Friedrichshafen GmbH

remarks:        AS21320 (PEER) - GEANT Association

remarks:        AS21321 (PEER) - Netuity Networks

remarks:        AS21345 (PEER) - MESSAGELABS Messagelabs Anti Virus Solutions

remarks:        AS21357 (PEER) - Akamai

remarks:        AS21371 (PEER) - Equinix

remarks:        AS21385 (PEER) - TNIB Trusted Network GmbH

remarks:        AS21396 (PEER) - NetConnex

remarks:        AS21473 (PEER) - MANET-AS MAnet Autonomous System Number

remarks:        AS21478 (PEER) - PLEX Plex ASN

remarks:        AS21859 (PEER) - C3 Networks

remarks:        AS22822 (PEER) - LLNW - Limelight Networks, Inc.

remarks:        AS23393 (PEER) - ISPRIME - ISPrime, Inc.

remarks:        AS24167 (PEER) - Academia Sinica Grid Computing Center

remarks:        AS24482 (PEER) - AS-SGGS

remarks:        AS24586 (PEER) - NL-INTERMAX Intermax B.V.

remarks:        AS24592 (PEER) - NEXICA

remarks:        AS24594 (PEER) - Frontier Systems

remarks:        AS24642 (PEER) - NL-CAVEO AS for Caveo Internet BV

remarks:        AS24650 (CUSTOMER) - Charles Stanley & Co Ltd

remarks:        AS24730 (PEER) - ASN-NETHOLDING Autonomous System for Netholding.


remarks:        AS24776 (PEER) - INFOCLIP-AS Infoclip Autonomous System

remarks:        AS24867 (PEER) - Adapt

remarks:        AS24875 (PEER) - NL-ISPSERVICES ISP Services BV

remarks:        AS24916 (PEER) - Orbital Net Ltd

remarks:        AS24931 (PEER) - DEDIPOWER DediPower Managed Hosting Limited

remarks:        AS24961 (PEER) - myLoc managed IT AG

remarks:        AS24976 (CUSTOMER) - Techgate PLC

remarks:        AS24990 (PEER) - IXEUROPE-FR-ASN IXEurope France Autonomous System

remarks:        AS25006 (CUSTOMER) - Abbey National

remarks:        AS25061 (PEER) - ANLX-UK Associated Networks (UK) Limited

remarks:        AS25074 (PEER) - INETBONE-AS INET-People Provider Services

remarks:        AS25152 (PEER) - K-ROOT-SERVER AS of the DNS root server

remarks:        AS25178 (PEER) - KEYCOM-AS Keycom PLC UK Core AS

remarks:        AS25180 (PEER) - EXPONENTIAL-E-AS Exponential-e Ltd

remarks:        AS25187 (PEER) - France CiteVision SAS

remarks:        AS25291 (PEER) - SysEleven GmbH

remarks:        AS25310 (PEER) - Cable and Wireless Access

remarks:        AS25358 (PEER) - NOVSO Novso (formerly NDSoftware)

remarks:        AS25369 (PEER) - ASN-KILLERCREATION Killercreation Networks Ltd -

remarks:        AS25376 (PEER) - Netnorth Limited

remarks:        AS25394 (PEER) - MK-NETZDIENSTE-AS AS for MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. KG

remarks:        AS25459 (PEER) - NEDZONE-AS NedZone Internet BV

remarks:        AS25542 (PEER) - DENIT-AS Denit Internet Services B.V.

remarks:        AS25560 (PEER) - RHTEC-AS rh-tec IP Backbone

remarks:        AS25577 (PEER) - C4L-AS C4L main AS

remarks:        AS25593 (PEER) - LINKBYNET-AS Linkbynet S.A

remarks:        AS25596 (PEER) - CAMBRIUM-AS CAMBRIUM BV.

remarks:        AS25605 (PEER) - Cisco-CWS-25605

remarks:        AS26415 (PEER) - J-ROOT Verisign

remarks:        AS26943 (PEER) - YOUR-ORG-INC-EURO - YOUR.ORG, INC.

remarks:        AS27822 (PEER) - Emerging Markets Communications Inc.

remarks:        AS28685 (PEER) - ASN-ROUTIT Routit BV EDE The Netherlands

remarks:        AS28716 (PEER) - Retelit Spa

remarks:        AS28788 (PEER) - UNILOGICNET-AS Unilogic Networks B.V. Autonomous System

remarks:        AS28836 (PEER) - IC-S-NL IC&S

remarks:        AS28855 (PEER) - GALACSYS-AS GalacSYS is an hosting and managed services provider

remarks:        AS28878 (PEER) - SIGNET-AS Signet B.V.

remarks:        AS28917 (PEER) - FIORD

remarks:        AS28929 (PEER) - ASDASD

remarks:        AS28986 (PEER) - LOUDNCLEAR Loud-n-Clear Ltd. - London, UK.

remarks:        AS29003 (PEER) - ReferTelecom

remarks:        AS29006 (PEER) - POBOX-AS POBOX Hosting Limited

remarks:        AS29009 (PEER) - REDSPECTRUM-AS UK Wireless Broadband Network

remarks:        AS29017 (PEER) - GYRON ====

remarks:        AS29073 (PEER) - ECATEL-AS AS29073, Ecatel Network

remarks:        AS29119 (PEER) - Aire Networks

remarks:        AS29152 (PEER) - DECKNET-AS DECKNET

remarks:        AS29169 (PEER) - GANDI-AS Gandi SAS - Domain name registrar -

remarks:        AS29246 (PEER) - OPTILIAN-AS OPTILIAN Networks

remarks:        AS29341 (CUSTOMER) - Gesellschaft fuer Internetdienste mbH

remarks:        AS29396 (PEER) - UNET Unet Network, The Netherlands

remarks:        AS29527 (PEER) - OTHELLOTECH-AS Othello Technology Systems Limited

remarks:        AS29550 (PEER) - EUROCONNEX-AS Blueconnex Networks Ltd

remarks:        AS29608 (PEER) - WAN2MANY-AS wan2many

remarks:        AS29611 (PEER) - Elite

remarks:        AS29636 (PEER) - Catalyst2

remarks:        AS29644 (PEER) - Airspeed Telecom

remarks:        AS29668 (PEER) - QUBE Qube Networks Limited

remarks:        AS29680 (PEER) - Voz Telecom

remarks:        AS29686 (PEER) - PROBENETWORKS-AS Probe Networks

remarks:        AS29838 (PEER) - AMC - CRNC

remarks:        AS30062 (CUSTOMER) - Claranet Technology Group

remarks:        AS30081 (PEER) - CacheFly

remarks:        AS30094 (PEER) - Giganews

remarks:        AS30129 (PEER) - ISC (F Root Nameserver)

remarks:        AS30132 (PEER) - Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

remarks:        AS30419 (PEER) - MediaMath Inc AKA Adroit Digital

remarks:        AS30653 (PEER) - EXOBIT - Exobit Networks Inc.

remarks:        AS30740 (PEER) - EXA-AS Exa Networks Limited

remarks:        AS30769 (CUSTOMER) - Berkeley Group Autonomous System

remarks:        AS30781 (PEER) - JAGUAR-AS AS for Jaguar Network

remarks:        AS30827 (PEER) - XTRAORDINARY-AS Xtraordinary Networks Ltd.

remarks:        AS30844 (PEER) - ECONET-ECS Econet Carrier Services AS Numbers

remarks:        AS30889 (PEER) - WAYCOM-AS Waycom International ASN

remarks:        AS30892 (PEER) - T-SYSTEMS

remarks:        AS30913 (PEER) - NL-INTERXS InterXS IP Network

remarks:        AS30972 (PEER) - CYREALIS-AS Cyrealis Internet Network

remarks:        AS31054 (CUSTOMER) - help AG

remarks:        AS31122 (PEER) - Digiweb Ltd.

remarks:        AS31216 (PEER) - BSOCOM BSO Communication Network

remarks:        AS31334 (PEER) - AS-KDG

remarks:        AS31449 (PEER) - BELCENTER-AS31449 European Network

remarks:        AS31459 (PEER) - BBC-RD-AS BBC

remarks:        AS31463 (PEER) - 4d data centres

remarks:        AS31472 (PEER) - Voicehost

remarks:        AS31479 (PEER) - IPORIUM

remarks:        AS31493 (CUSTOMER) - TWENTYTWENTYMEDIA-AS AS31493

remarks:        AS31500 (PEER) - GlobalNet

remarks:        AS31523 (PEER) - Laterooms

remarks:        AS31529 (PEER) - DENIC eG

remarks:        AS31564 (PEER) - HEXAGLOBE-AS HEXAGLOBE

remarks:        AS31638 (PEER) - Lepida

remarks:        AS31653 (PEER) - FILNET

remarks:        AS31655 (PEER) - GAMMA TELECOM

remarks:        AS31665 (CUSTOMER) - INVESCO-AS INVESCO UK

remarks:        AS31712 (PEER) - Gigastream plc

remarks:        AS31727 (PEER) - NODE4-AS Node4 Ltd, UK

remarks:        AS32590 (PEER) - Valve Corporation

remarks:        AS32787 (PEER) - Prolexic

remarks:        AS32934 (PEER) - FACEBOOK -

remarks:        AS33072 (PEER) - ISC

remarks:        AS33073 (PEER) - ISC LCY1

remarks:        AS33081 (PEER) - ISC


remarks:        AS33843 (PEER) - INTERSCHOLZ-AS interscholz Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG

remarks:        AS33873 (PEER) - ARVATO-SYSTEMS-AS arvato systems AS

remarks:        AS33876 (CUSTOMER) - Flesk

remarks:        AS33891 (PEER) - Core-Backbone GmbH

remarks:        AS33915 (PEER) - TNF-AS The Network Factory BV

remarks:        AS33920 (PEER) - AQL

remarks:        AS33941 (PEER) - Gconnect

remarks:        AS33970 (PEER) - OPENHOSTING AS33970

remarks:        AS34007 (PEER) - Proquote

remarks:        AS34019 (PEER) - HIVANE Hivane network ASN

remarks:        AS34132 (PEER) - DigitalParks

remarks:        AS34141 (PEER) - IN2IP-AS in2ip Autonomous System

remarks:        AS34177 (PEER) - Celeste

remarks:        AS34193 (CUSTOMER) - equinux AG

remarks:        AS34224 (PEER) - NETERRA-AS Neterra Ltd.

remarks:        AS34245 (PEER) - MAGNET-AS Magnet Networks AS

remarks:        AS34270 (PEER) - INETC Internet Connections Ltd

remarks:        AS34305 (PEER) - EUROACCESS Euroaccess Global Autonomous System

remarks:        AS34309 (PEER) - Link11 GmbH

remarks:        AS34344 (CUSTOMER) - THE-PORT-OF-TILBURY-LONDON-LTD The Port Of Tilbury London Ltd

remarks:        AS34401 (CUSTOMER) - EMIMUSICGROUP-AS EMI Music

remarks:        AS34442 (PEER) - Xifos

remarks:        AS34483 (CUSTOMER) - Jack Wolfskin

remarks:        AS34655 (PEER) - DOCLER-AS Docler Networks Autonomus System

remarks:        AS34746 (PEER) - EATONKAYE Eaton Kaye Ltd

remarks:        AS34798 (PEER) - MCIX-AS MCIX - Manchester Commercial Internet Exchange

remarks:        AS34803 (PEER) - BGL

remarks:        AS34920 (CUSTOMER) - Simply Romford

remarks:        AS34934 (PEER) - AS-UKFast

remarks:        AS34948 (CUSTOMER) - Typhon - AS-TYPHON

remarks:        AS34953 (PEER) - RelAix Networks GmbH

remarks:        AS34968 (PEER) - IUNXI iunxi BV

remarks:        AS34997 (PEER) - ALIONIS Alionis Autonomous System

remarks:        AS35028 (PEER) - MULTIPLAY Multiplay AS Number

remarks:        AS35151 (CUSTOMER) - amigon GmbH

remarks:        AS35228 (PEER) - BEUNLIMITED Avatar Broadband Limited

remarks:        AS35266 (PEER) - EX Networks Limited

remarks:        AS35393 (PEER) - EURO-WEB

remarks:        AS35425 (PEER) - Bytemark

remarks:        AS35456 (CUSTOMER) - Fubra Limited

remarks:        AS35575 (PEER) - Vaioni

remarks:        AS35625 (PEER) - Avenir Telematique

remarks:        AS35672 (CUSTOMER) - FHIOS

remarks:        AS35699 (PEER) - Adamo Telecom Iberia S.A

remarks:        AS36351 (PEER) - AS-SOFTLAYER

remarks:        AS36408 (PEER) - CDNetworks

remarks:        AS36623 (PEER) - HGTLD - VeriSign Global Registry Services

remarks:        AS36692 (PEER) - OpenDNS

remarks:        AS36944 (PEER) - Ubuntunet Alliance

remarks:        AS37100 (PEER) - SEACOM Limited

remarks:        AS37271 (PEER) - Workonline Communications

remarks:        AS37468 (PEER) -

remarks:        AS37497 (PEER) - Network Platforms

remarks:        AS37662 (PEER) - West Indian Ocean Cable Company

remarks:        AS39122 (PEER) - Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd

remarks:        AS39180 (PEER) - LASOTEL LA SOLUTION TELECOM

remarks:        AS39202 (PEER) - GCAP-AS GCap Media plc

remarks:        AS39309 (PEER) - EDUTEL-AS Edutel B.V.

remarks:        AS39326 (PEER) - GOSCOMB-AS Goscomb Technologies Limited

remarks:        AS39384 (CUSTOMER) - DreamFusion

remarks:        AS39451 (PEER) - Melbourne Server Hosting

remarks:        AS39545 (PEER) - Fluidata

remarks:        AS39591 (PEER) - Global-E Datacenter

remarks:        AS39600 (PEER) - EUROPEANSERVERS - Ultra Fast Internet Servers

remarks:        AS39651 (PEER) - Com Hem AB

remarks:        AS39743 (PEER) - Voxility

remarks:        AS39792 (PEER) - Anders

remarks:        AS39849 (CUSTOMER) - ProTX

remarks:        AS39875 (CUSTOMER) - W3Z Zycomm Electronics Limited

remarks:        AS39905 (PEER) - EMAILVISION

remarks:        AS39912 (PEER) - I3B-AS i3B - Internetbreitband GmbH

remarks:        AS39923 (PEER) - Unix-Solutions BVBA

remarks:        AS40669 (CUSTOMER) - Ekit

remarks:        AS41000 (PEER) - Freethought Internet Limited

remarks:        AS41012 (PEER) - THECLOUD The Cloud Networks Ltd

remarks:        AS41095 (PEER) - IPTP IPTriplePlay Service Network

remarks:        AS41157 (PEER) - Oxymium

remarks:        AS41230 (PEER) - ASK4 Ask4 Limited

remarks:        AS41342 (CUSTOMER) - Durrant

remarks:        AS41357 (PEER) - 34SP

remarks:        AS41420 (PEER) - Xentech BV

remarks:        AS41445 (PEER) - NETGROUND Net Ground B.V.

remarks:        AS41552 (PEER) - MARKTPLAATS-AS Marktplaats AS

remarks:        AS41690 (PEER) - DAILYMOTION Dailymotion Autonomous System

remarks:        AS41692 (PEER) - OPENCARRIER-AS OpenCarrier e.G.

remarks:        AS41811 (PEER) - Convergence Group

remarks:        AS42004 (PEER) - VoIP Unlimited

remarks:        AS42053 (CUSTOMER) - Starling

remarks:        AS42455 (PEER) - Wi-Manx Limited

remarks:        AS42473 (PEER) - ANEXIA

remarks:        AS42689 (PEER) - INUK-AS Inuk Networks Ltd

remarks:        AS42691 (CUSTOMER) - Comline AG

remarks:        AS42708 (PEER) - Portlane

remarks:        AS42831 (PEER) - UKSERVERS

remarks:        AS42929 (PEER) - AS-ARTEWAN

remarks:        AS42949 (PEER) - WWW-EATSERVER-NL

remarks:        AS42973 (PEER) - METRONET UK

remarks:        AS43006 (PEER) - cGest

remarks:        AS43142 (PEER) - Adeli

remarks:        AS43157 (CUSTOMER) - Urban Wimax

remarks:        AS43350 (PEER) - NFOrce Entertainment BV

remarks:        AS43355 (CUSTOMER) - Gatwick Airport

remarks:        AS43560 (PEER) - PANTHERIT Panther IT Services

remarks:        AS43573 (PEER) - EBSD-AS EBSD SARL

remarks:        AS43578 (PEER) - BITNAP DATACENTER

remarks:        AS43636 (CUSTOMER) - FON Wireless

remarks:        AS43729 (COLLECTOR) - DE-CIX Management GmbH

remarks:        AS43910 (CUSTOMER) - Intra2net AG

remarks:        AS43996 (PEER) -

remarks:        AS44053 (PEER) - Unilink

remarks:        AS44066 (PEER) - AS-FIRSTCOLOGMBH

remarks:        AS44099 (CUSTOMER) - Runiso

remarks:        AS44334 (PEER) - RTLNET-ASN RTLNET

remarks:        AS44371 (CUSTOMER) - PPN PayPoint Network Ltd

remarks:        AS44444 (PEER) - SURFCONTROL-EU-ASN Websense Hosted Security Network

remarks:        AS44684 (PEER) - Mythic Beasts Ltd

remarks:        AS44788 (PEER) - ASN-CRITEO-EUROPE

remarks:        AS44947 (CUSTOMER) - NATIV-AS Nativ-Systems AS

remarks:        AS45014 (PEER) - Host-it

remarks:        AS46489 (PEER) - TwitchTV ( )

remarks:        AS46786 (PEER) - IPTransit

remarks:        AS47113 (CUSTOMER) - SLP

remarks:        AS47147 (PEER) - ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH

remarks:        AS47264 (PEER) - LDeX Connect Ltd

remarks:        AS47447 (PEER) - 23media GmbH

remarks:        AS47474 (PEER) - Virtual1 Limited

remarks:        AS47480 (PEER) - Blue Tiger Solutions

remarks:        AS47498 (CUSTOMER) - Continental 8

remarks:        AS47841 (PEER) - OXALIDE

remarks:        AS48345 (PEER) - Abavia S.r.l.

remarks:        AS48412 (CUSTOMER) - Sotus Communications SIA, Voicecom SIA

remarks:        AS48526 (PEER) - Tango S.A.

remarks:        AS49349 (PEER) - DotSI

remarks:        AS49544 (PEER) - Interactive 3D BV

remarks:        AS49565 (PEER) - EURONA WIRELESS TELECOM, S.A.

remarks:        AS49572 (PEER) - FUJITSU

remarks:        AS49638 (PEER) - CATNIX, Catalonia Internet Exchange

remarks:        AS49728 (CUSTOMER) - Herefordshire Council

remarks:        AS49793 (CUSTOMER) - LMP Technical Services Ltd

remarks:        AS49835 (PEER) - GUIFI

remarks:        AS49941 (CUSTOMER) - Eurotux

remarks:        AS49964 (PEER) - VERIXI

remarks:        AS50056 (PEER) - Server Choice

remarks:        AS50300 (PEER) - CUSTODIAN DATACENTRE

remarks:        AS50620 (PEER) - Blue Networks Technologies

remarks:        AS50696 (CUSTOMER) - Eastern Graphics

remarks:        AS50756 (CUSTOMER) - River Island

remarks:        AS50845 (CUSTOMER) - Verifone (U.K) Limited

remarks:        AS51043 (PEER) - Aspire Technology Solutions Ltd

remarks:        AS51159 (PEER) - Think Systems UK Ltd

remarks:        AS51185 (PEER) - Mainsoft

remarks:        AS51269 (PEER) - Hexatom

remarks:        AS51406 (PEER) - 2Connect

remarks:        AS51561 (PEER) - ICUK Computing Services Ltd

remarks:        AS51673 (CUSTOMER) - DVB Bank

remarks:        AS51754 (CUSTOMER) - Diademys

remarks:        AS52075 (PEER) - WIFIRST

remarks:        AS54104 (PEER) - StackPath LLC

remarks:        AS54113 (PEER) - Fastly

remarks:        AS55195 (PEER) - Canadian Internet Registration Authority - DNS

remarks:        AS55967 (PEER) - Baidu

remarks:        AS56478 (PEER) - Hyperoptic

remarks:        AS56595 (PEER) - Fluency Communications

remarks:        AS56665 (PEER) - TANGO-TELINDUS

remarks:        AS57146 (CUSTOMER) - Stepco PDC Eindhoven

remarks:        AS57344 (PEER) - Telehouse AD

remarks:        AS57838 (CUSTOMER) - AXSOS AG Stuttgart

remarks:        AS57976 (PEER) - Blizzard Entertainment

remarks:        AS58453 (PEER) - China Mobile International

remarks:        AS59803 (CUSTOMER) - CC Engineering

remarks:        AS59806 (CUSTOMER) - CC Engineering

remarks:        AS60079 (PEER) - EMF

remarks:        AS60169 (PEER) -  G-FIT Gesellschaft fuer

remarks:        AS60171 (PEER) - AFR-IX Telecom

remarks:        AS60294 (PEER) - Deutsche Glasfaser GmbH

remarks:        AS60350 (PEER) - VENTE-PRIVEE.COM SAS

remarks:        AS60610 (PEER) - AS-EVEREST

remarks:        AS60734 (CUSTOMER) - PDQ Computers Ltd

remarks:        AS61157 (PEER) - PlusServer GmbH

remarks:        AS61955 (PEER) - ColocationIX

remarks:        AS62000 (PEER) - Netrix

remarks:        AS62044 (PEER) - Zscaler

remarks:        AS62240 (PEER) - Clouvider Limited

remarks:        AS62416 (CUSTOMER) - Sampling Line - PTServidor

remarks:        AS62955 (PEER) - eBay Backbone

remarks:        AS63113 (PEER) - Globecorp Networks

remarks:        AS63293 (PEER) - Facebook Cache

remarks:        AS132876 (PEER) - Symphony Communication

remarks:        AS134390 (PEER) - Fusion Media Networks Ltd

remarks:        AS197422 (PEER) - TETANEUTRAL

remarks:        AS197537 (CUSTOMER) - ALL-TLD GmbH / Mannheim

remarks:        AS197736 (CUSTOMER) - AS-MOREA

remarks:        AS198313 (PEER) - SystemHOST Ltd

remarks:        AS198435 (PEER) - EDX Network

remarks:        AS198545 (PEER) - FLEX NETWORK

remarks:        AS198781 (PEER) - G3 Comms Ltd

remarks:        AS199254 (CUSTOMER) - ICI LA LUNE

remarks:        AS199269 (CUSTOMER) - Ardenta Limited

remarks:        AS199483 (PEER) - NXTO France SAS

remarks:        AS200612 (PEER) - Gulf Bridge International

remarks:        AS201229 (PEER) -  DigitalOcean DE

remarks:        AS201782 (PEER) - Make It Simple

remarks:        AS202018 (PEER) - DigitalOcean AMS3

remarks:        AS202425 (PEER) - IP Volume

remarks:        AS202954 (PEER) - Rapiddot Hosting Services Ltd

remarks:        AS203547 (PEER) - NEXT2i SARL

remarks:        AS204262 (CUSTOMER) - Messagebird/Mobiletulip

remarks:        AS205558 (PEER) - Anacom

remarks:        AS205996 (PEER) - Interfiber

remarks:        AS207087 (CUSTOMER) - Pay360

remarks:        *******************************************************************
remarks:        * For more information, visit:                                    *
remarks:        *                                                                 *
remarks:        * -                                       *
remarks:        * -                   *
remarks:        *                                                                 *
remarks:        *******************************************************************
org:            ORG-CA48-RIPE
admin-c:        CH309-RIPE
tech-c:         CH309-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED
mnt-by:         AS8426-MNT
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
created:        2002-09-17T09:50:00Z
last-modified:  2020-01-20T11:00:07Z
source:         RIPE

organisation:   ORG-CA48-RIPE
org-name:       ClaraNET LTD
org-type:       LIR
address:        21 Southampton Row, Holborn
address:        WC1B 5HA
address:        London
address:        UNITED KINGDOM
phone:          +442076858000
fax-no:         +442076858001
admin-c:        CH309-RIPE
abuse-c:        CH309-RIPE
mnt-ref:        RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-ref:        AS8426-MNT
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:         AS8426-MNT
created:        2004-04-17T12:12:24Z
last-modified:  2016-05-18T16:36:06Z
source:         RIPE # Filtered

role:           Claranet Hostmaster
address:        Claranet UK Ltd
address:        21 Southampton Row
address:        London WC1B 5HA
address:        United Kingdom
phone:          +44 (0) 20 7685 8000
fax-no:         +44 (0) 20 7685 8001
remarks:        Claranet UK Hostmaster
remarks:        All abuse reports to
nic-hdl:        CH309-RIPE
mnt-by:         AS8426-MNT
created:        2002-09-18T09:59:38Z
last-modified:  2018-05-13T20:36:57Z
source:         RIPE # Filtered
org:            ORG-CA48-RIPE

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