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belastingen.fenb.be 2 months
belastingen.fenb.be/ui/link/contact]. 4 months
belastingen.fenb.be/ui/link/contact 7 months
belastingen.fenb.be/ui/public/landing 2 years
belastingen.fenb.be/ui/link/contact 2 years

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authenticatie.vlaanderen.be/stb/html/ssologin 3 months
authenticatie.vlaanderen.be/stb/html/ssologin a year
authenticatie.vlaanderen.be/stb/html/ssologin 3 years


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DNS recordsRetrieved via DNS ANY query

NS ns.nl.hostbasket.com
NS ns.be.hostbasket.com
NS externaldns.fenb.be
NS ns.fr.hostbasket.com
NS ns.fenb.be
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=3xnH8Ztz2cR8YngHaawrmRX_f1QUJa8LNMF5_aTSMp
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=s_fX3vK8VcGbMZc_CCqTv4ikpniV4CprSL93krP22n
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=6nPQKb6Xn1Ll8Atcztj0PBoTnynQD11ujrFr9Tkfds
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=KMHgknkzEIbNKIOYb8whBaFDQhwH7ZHMKQRfyBNjH7
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=3PcNhTntHCgsa_iMIQFUC0pDFEGZrmx6HvkU5VMFQO
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=rYrNnRNcn1YchV1Ql2rDfy0MIcuZo1zvw8pzq_M1uL
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=27SG3OxCeWw6wojxDKE4AGXqrTpKk9ynGs6tt-e_Yt
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=Rnxy5S9A4GqVK3i58NhtnouhP3Vi8cptnKkOXQCufh
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=rSPsFOC9o85a5XkY51X9fqz7nyCfWU4HeTA_VFhyef
TXT MS=ms27033206
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=8j1YUEyfOqVmEGVbYpABCEN1h0WRy1U389I7PbT7iW
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=nmZ_tZr5N2sOgEHNL4LRDTrxukDOHa3XD6_LbwdBic
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=RMzQIx5oonnJrgzChYSM2SSCbmxH6h1YNjUuWLasE9
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=NHnfyuCkOPbeB18itYpv67DhV9mBuQfHnczP00H5bB
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=TPDJUKRqkiwLpIvJOKhTTba_SfM-QTwGsRoyTHx5GC
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=FkJ38Ug_Kx-jKuZp20zrfGYkOfVhqq_xgtWRisHDXp
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=cH29sRzElnIeS5I9HHrCY8MMKCMXvinMlp1dn2LxwG
TXT _globalsign-domain-verification=cQKsZyxAmrSJn_F3zRuCc10sgh4pqcn9NqxUunt4Qi
SOA externaldns.fenb.be
hostmaster: helpdesk\.ict.fb.vlaanderen.be / serial: 587 / refresh: 300 / retry: 3600 / expire: 2592000 / minttl: 300 /

WHOIS for fenb.be

Domain:	fenb.be
Registered:	Wed Mar 5 2008

	Not shown, please visit www.dnsbelgium.be for webbased whois.

Registrar Technical Contacts:
	Organisation:	Telenet BV
	Language:	nl
	Phone:	+32.93269094

	Name:	Telenet BV
	Website:	https://www2.telenet.be/nl/business/producten-diensten/hosting-cloud/domeinnamen/

	ns.fenb.be (



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